How To Bathe A Scared Dog – Tips To Make Bathtime Fun

Natural Pet Shampoo Bar made from Hemp

Does the word ‘bathtime’ send your dog bolting? You know how it goes – tail between the legs, nervous shaking and even freezing on the spot. And while your timid dog may never appreciate the wonders of a luxurious and intoxicating bubble bath – there are some simple ways you can make it a little more enjoyable for them. Let’s dive into how to bathe a scared dog…

The Best Way To Bathe A Dog 

Wouldn’t it be nice if our dogs loved getting pampered as much as rolling around in the dirt? Bathtime would be like a trip to the day spa instead of a wild foam party. Thankfully, these 7 tips will show you how to get your dog to like baths… 

Use the right shampoo

There are some cheap and nasty pet shampoos out there that can irritate their skin. Or worse still, some owners use human shampoo that isn’t made for our furry friends. And if your little mate’s skin becomes itchy and irritated, they may grow to hate the tub. Try using a Natural Pet Shampoo to soothe their skin and promote a luscious, silky coat. 

Have treats at the ready

When negative feelings are flowing at bathtime, you can really brighten the mood with a tasty reward. Start small by giving them a treat when they enter the bathroom or bathtub without water. Over time, introduce them to water (and keep those treats at the ready!)

Act positive 

Dogs know more about us than we give them credit for. They often sense what we’re feeling. So, if you use a positive tone of voice and body language, they’ll pick up on this and start to feel safe and secure.

Tire them out 


Take them to the dog park, go for a run or swim at the beach! Do whatever you have to do to tire them out. You see, if your dog is warm from exercise it’s more likely they’ll want to cool off in a bath. Not only that, a tired pooch won’t have the energy to start a wrestling match (winning!)

Get a non-slip mat

Dogs don’t like feeling out of control (fair enough, really). And they might not even have a problem with water, it could be the slippery surface that they’re standing on. A non-slip bath mat can help them get their grip and feel a little more comfortable.

Make sure it’s not too hot and not too cold

Even though you might enjoy a scorching shower – your pooch may not. And a bad experience can put them off bathtime for good! So, it’s important to make sure the water temperature is juuuuust right. 

Distract them with toys! 

What’s bathtime without a rubber ducky? By bringing toys into the bath, you’ll distract them and add a little joy to the experience. 

 Bathtime For Dogs With Hemp Collective

The Hemp Collective natural pet shampoo bar is our secret to making doggy bathtime fun! We only use natural ingredients (and no nasty chemicals) which works to soothe and replenish their skin and coat. We delicately blend hemp seed oil, coconut oil and other plant-derived ingredients that are safe for you and your pet. With less mess and less stress – there will be tails wagging and tongues flapping in no time. 


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