Hemp-Education 2020
Hemp Education

Hemp Education Course

In this basic Hemp Course (introductory class), we will help you understand what is hemp, current uses in the market, factors to consider for growing hemp, the current state of the Australian hemp industry, plus more valuable information.

Have you thought about entering the Hemp industry or want to know more about hemp? There is a lot to take into consideration.

Come and ask questions and see if being part of the hemp industry is really for you.

A bit about us

We are in our Forth year of growing hemp on a small scale (3ha) and have been researching hemp and hemp products for over 8 years. We have associations with key personnel in the Australian and New Zealand Hemp Industry and our company Hemp Collective has a range of hemp body care products for sale with over 70 stockists throughout Australia, with a view to expanding export overseas.

Some of the information we can cover:

  • Who we are and how we started a hemp business.
  • What is hemp?
  • Brief History about hemp
  • Potential benefits?
  • Current uses of hemp
  • Basics for growing hemp for Small to Medium scale farming
  • Licence compliance – DPI vs state
  • Some of the costs associated with small to medium scale farming?
  • Hemp Plant and what can it provide? I.e. Hemp seed oil, CBD, THC etc

We would like this course to be tailored as much as we can to you and your interests.

Once you have registered and paid we will send you a questionnaire to gauge your main interest for the hemp course.

What to bring
Lots of questions! As well as a Pen and paper and yourself

Where is the Course being held?

At the Byron Community College located in Mullumbimby. We also have our Hemp Collective HQ here as well. Register here

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