Travel Shampoo Bars
Travel with Hemp Shampoo Bars and Hemp Conditioner Bars

For all the joy that travelling brings, there are the little annoyances that bring even the most glamorous frequent flyers back down to earth.  

You know the things that we’re talking about. You excitedly arrive at an airport departure gate only to be told that your toiletries are over the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) limits, forcing you to bin them.

Or, after a long flight, you’ve finally reached your destination. Your hair is dry. Your clothes and luggage are soaked – with shampoo and conditioner.

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there.

But products like our new hemp shampoo bars and hemp conditioner bars are the perfect travelling companion.

Lightweight, compactable and liquid-free, you can pop them in your check-in luggage or carry on and sail through airport queues, onto your holiday or work.


Weighing in at just 100g and only 60g, these shampoo and conditioner bars meet the transportation security administration (TSA) limits so can be taken onboard. Our products travel well inside a suitcase or backpack, and you can say goodbye to spills.

Take off!

Oh, and then there are the ingredients.

Containing Australian hemp seed oil* chockers full of Omega 3 and 6 with amino acid plus vitamins A and E for cleansing, conditioning and repairing, they’re like a superfood for your hair.

They contain no palm oil and no artificial fragrances or perfumes. There’s no parabens or sodium lauryl sulfate, in fact, no nasty chemicals or hidden ingredients at all.

What these cruelty-free products do have is the best quality shea butter, cocoa butter, alkanet root powder and Australian Hemp Seed oil and hand made in the Byron Bay region.

The cocoa butter is for locking in moisture. The shea butter is a must-have ingredient to nourish your hair. And the alkanet root powder is for strengthening and natural colour.

Get a whiff of some lavender with rose geranium, or choose from orange, grapefruit and lemon, the two flavours that the shampoo and conditioner bars come in.

Shampoo Bars


Both are easy to use. Apply the shampoo directly to your hair or lather it in your hands, then wash it out.

The bar works best for normal and dry hair types.

Then, grab the conditioner bar. Wet it a few times and apply directly to your hair from the root to tip. Repeat.

Massage into your hair, then rinse. Too easy!

The bars, which you can buy online, last longer than ordinary shampoo and conditioner – about three months or so depending on your usage and storage. Three months. That’s a total 60 or 70 washes.

You can also double up with the conditioner, which can be used for both washing your hair and shaving – face and legs.

With shampoo and conditioner bars, you’re not only saying goodbye to dull locks, you’re washing the hassles that come with travelling right outta your hair, too.


Shockingly, Australia is the world’s second largest waste producer per capita, ranking only behind the US. In the US alone, lack of recycling could lead to 552 million shampoo bottles per year ending up in landfills. That’s enough to fill 1,164 football fields.

By using our hemp shampoo bars and conditioner bars, which come in colourful recyclable and reusable packing, you are also helping to reduce plastics, making a better choice for the planet.

When not in use, the bars live best in dry places. Try to avoid putting them in humid and wet conditions which can soften them over time.

Hemp Collective is focused on offering sustainable luxury products that are low on waste at affordable prices.

*Disclaimer: While hemp seed oil is legal in Australia, check to ensure that it is legal in the country you are travelling to.

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