Hemp-collective-founder-Maxine-Shea                 Our Purpose & Values

Our purpose has always been to build a business that holds a social and ethical responsibility about how our products and our waste impact our natural environment and our personal health. 

Hemp Collective has a circular business model with sustainability threaded through our products and business practices. We have lived, learned and taught others about sustainability and now we have the opportunity to incorporate this into our packaging and products.

⁠One of the many ways we have achieved this is with our product range. We produce zero-waste, microbead free & natural hemp hair, body and pet care products all handcrafted in the Byron Shire, Australia.

We’re at a turning point in the environmental crisis.  Now more than ever, some businesses are choosing to look beyond profit and seek ways to become more sustainable AND customers want to make a difference. Here at Hemp Collective, the environment is at the heart of what we do. From our farming to our packaging – we lovingly make our sustainable products with the utmost consideration for our planet.

Some of the steps we have taken to lower our environmental footprint are :

Shampoo and conditioner bars last longer – They last a whole lot longer than bottle products sometimes up to 3 to 4 times longer (depending on use). That’s better for the planet and your back pocket.

Package our Hemp body care products with love (not plastic) – When you receive your hemp products in the mail – you’ll see why we’re different. We use no issue recyclable packaging, which is printed with soy inks & is compostable. We also deliver your goodies in a compostable mailer and use eco tape. We also give our customers the option to purchase a reusable tin to place your shampoo or conditioner bars in, which you can use in years to come!

Our products are cruelty-free – We only source the finest plant-derived ingredients for our hemp body care products. Then, we blend it all together with a whole lotta love.

Our Hemp is grown locally in Byron Bay – We grow hemp using organic and sustainable farming practices.  Due to the increasing demand for our products,  we still need additional hemp but we choose to get this from Australian grown farmers that share our values.

Our purpose is clear we are here to create a happier healthier world for future generations by creating long-lasting quality natural products that are light on the earth.  

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