Goodnessme beauty box
Goodnessme beauty box

We are EXCITED to be part of the GoodnessMe box Beauty Box this month.⁠

⁠GoodnessMe pride themselves on natural and GMO-free products – Good for you and the planet!⁠

Chemical-laden products are out and natural beauty is in.

⁠ GoodnessMe knows this can be overwhelming. Between the parabens, phthalates and polyethene glycols, who can blame you for feeling confused. ⁠ ??⁠ With a no BS approach, going natural has never been easier! ⁠

WHAT IS The GoodnessMe Box Beauty Box?⁠

It is a beauty product sampling service designed to get you excited about natural beauty products and personal care items.⁠

⁠ Every 3 months, they surprise you with 7-10 beauty and personal care samples and products. Expect to get your hands on the latest and greatest facial oils, moisturisers, make up items, kitchen and bathroom essentials, skin and gut boosting herbal teas and more!⁠ ⁠ Purchase yours at the ⁠ GoodnessMe today.

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