Are Hemp Seeds Good for You?

Yes Hemp Seeds are good for you
Are hemp seeds good for you?

Damn, right they are.

Hemp seeds are essentially the fruit or nut of the hemp plant. These crunchy “hearts” are hulled (husks removed) to produce a creamy, soft seed that is edible, delicious & nutritious.

The inclusion of hemp seeds in your diet will promote skin and heart health, reduce inflammation and boost immunity. Hemp seed also provides a higher protein content than what is found in quinoa, flax or chia seeds.

There are proposals underway in India to use hemp seeds to boost nutrition in underprivileged children. The idea is to crush the seeds to produce a powder that provides high protein, essential amino acids as well as high levels of iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus, therefore combating malnutrition.

In fact, hemp seeds are already utilised by much of India’s poor. A mixture of goosegrass & hemp called ‘bosa’ is used by many people in order to supply vital nutrients to their diet. In addition, a combination of parched wheat, amaranth or rice & hemp seed known as ‘mura’ is said to make all vegetables more palatable and complete foods. Hemp seed is also ground in soft infant food (pap) by South African Sotho tribe mothers to provide important nutrients to their babies.

Hemp Hearts promote Brain Power
Hemp Hearts – they are good for you!

Not only are hemp seeds beneficial to your body inside & out, but they are also beneficial to the earth. Hemp farming is a sustainable and environmental practice, due to its natural resilience to pests, hardiness to climate and ability to thrive with less water than other plants.

Hemp seeds have a long shelf life, but you want to keep them in a cold, dark place (ideally in the refrigerator) to ensure they are kept at their optimum. They also freeze well.

And they are incredibly versatile! Add hemp seeds to smoothies, granola, soups, cakes, cookies, salads and casseroles.

These guys are tiny but they sure do pack a punch when it comes to having huge nutritional benefits!

References: Robinson, R. (1996), The Great Book of Hemp, (Park Street Press, Vermont USA)

Written by Cass – Hemp Collective

Hemp Hearts or Hulled hemp seeds
Hemp Hearts or Hulled hemp seeds
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