Founders of Hemp Collective
Founders of Hemp Collective

Who is The Hemp Collective?
It’s myself (Maxine Shea) and my husband Mike; we grow hemp on an organic farm in the Byron Shire and use some of the oil from our home-grown hemp seed and we will only substitute with Australian grown hemp seed oil.

We use this to handcraft our unique hemp body care products – Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars, Hemp Soaps, balms with a new line of Pet products coming soon.

Hemp makes sense to us as 7 years ago I was diagnosed with a rare pituitary Brain Tumour.  After being told ‘sorry there is nothing we can do for you’ we decided to feel empowered rather than disempowered and take my health into my own hands. From all our research, hemp & its medicinal benefits are one of the few medicines that penetrate the blood-brain barrier and hemp foods are one of the best plant-based sources of Omega 3, 6 and 9 amino acids.

Tell us about your Organic Hemp farming and how it came to be?

We wanted to have a circular focus on every aspect of our supply chain so we decided that we would start to grow this highly beneficial plant – industrial hemp. Not only is it a low CO2 crop it has the ability to accelerate carbon sequestration in the soil, doesn’t require the use of pesticides and herbicides and to top it off our hemp farm is located with views over Brunswick Heads, Byron Bay and Mount mt Chincogan all icons of our region.

Happy Hemp in Byron Bay
Hemp Collective hemp farm Byron Bay

It was important for us to try and provide ethical consumption and cause-related purchasing to our customer base that also supported Hemp production for the future.

What are some of the common misconceptions about Hemp?

That you can get high from Hemp! Sorry to say you won’t be able to get high from hemp, but it will get you healthy!

Hemp and its cousin THC are both from the Cannabis family, but the main difference is the THC content in the ‘flower’. THC is the compound that has psychotropic or euphoric effects on the user. Hemp is ‘Low THC’ generally 0.3%.

Marijuana is typically used today for recreational and medicinal purposes vs Hemp which is mainly used for Industrial purposes (Fibre and Seed) and now also for its medicinal properties commonly known as CBD.

The Small Collective
The Small Collective – Hemp Collective featured

To ensure we have a happy and healthier world for the generations to come, tell us about your zero-waste focus supply chain?

As a business, it is integral to hold a social and ethical responsibility about how our products and our waste impacts our natural environment and our personal health. Having a circular and zero-waste focus on every aspect of our supply chain is integral to create a happier healthier world for future generations.

⁠One of the many ways we have achieved this is with our education about hemp where we educate people about the Potential benefits, Current uses of hemp and the basics for growing hemp for Small to Medium scale farming, as well as through our handmade hemp products that have been created for a zero waste focus, ethical and vegan focus.

For Hemp Collective it’s about creating quality products for a sustainable future.

To Purchase a copy of ‘The Small Collective’ head to the link below:

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