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Maxine and Mike Shea from the Hemp Collective. Photo Jeff ‘Hemp Me Up’ Dawson

After researching and developing their business model for a year and a half, Hemp Collective is now reaping the benefits of low-THC organic hemp with its first crop being harvested in Byron Shire.

While it looks like cannabis, the low-THC strain has no psychoactive properties and is known for its superior fibre and health benefits.

According to Hemp Collective’s Maxine and Mike Shea, it hasn’t been an easy road to the point of harvest, with many obstacles to overcome, owing in part to the newness of the Australian industry.

Maxine says, ‘But we are happy to have taken that amount of time to get it right!’

‘We are striving to support regional and sustainable production, making safe and high-quality goods, and reinvigorate our society to return to a time when craftsmanship and quality are valued above over-consumption and standardisation.

‘Most importantly, we want to be able to build a sense of empowerment, transparency, community, as well as providing ethical consumption and cause-related purchasing to our customer base. Australian owned and made all the way!’

Asked what motivated the couple to start the business, Maxine says it was owing to her health.

‘I have a rare TSH pituitary brain tumour (non-cancerous),’ she says, ‘and we couldn’t find a complete nourishing food that doesn’t have crazy amounts of pesticides and herbicides, and which can be grown in natural conditions.’

Spray free, organic

‘We have always supported eating organic, spray-free and certified organic foods. For us, hemp foods and products ticked our boxes. Hemp maintains our health and wellbeing! Hemp is an amazing source of Omega 3, 6 and 9 vitamins and minerals, which the body needs internally and externally.

‘There is promising interest in hemp products and the demand for hemp-based products is seeing a spike in interest and availability. We don’t envision not being able to sell our products.’ 

Story Hans Lovejoy and Photo from Jeff ‘Hemp Me Up’ Dawson.

Hemp Collective’s winter harvest


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