Hemp Collective was lucky enough to be featured by BIZ cover. 

2020 continues to be a tough year for the Australian small business community. Here at BizCover, we saw our customers struggling to keep their doors open and so did what we could to help defer their insurance payments and continue to keep their livelihoods protected during the pandemic.

We are also using this time to feature some of our customers in the hopes we can get the word out about the awesome work they do and turn some heads their way. We spoke to Maxine and Mike, the co-founders of Hemp Collective, an Australian family business located in clean-green Byron Shire that grows, harvests and makes quality hemp products for a sustainable future. 

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A little about BIZ cover

Our founders were troubled by the merry-go-round small businesses had to go on just to get the right insurance cover for their business. So they set out to give small businesses a fair go – in an industry dominated by big players, time consuming paperwork, lack of transparency and poor service levels. They boldly disrupted the insurance market by creating BizCover. An online service to simplify comparing and buying business insurance from some of Australia’s leading insurers. 

This revolution allowed them to reduce costs, increase pricing transparency and decrease the hassle of getting insured for time-poor and cost-conscious small business owners. 

We’re fiercely committed to the small business community whether it’s to get a better deal or to process a claim. No policy is too small for us and we’ll go the extra mile for everyone. 

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