7 Surprising Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mums – the everyday heroes. Our best friends, support, guidance, teachers and warm-and-fuzzy-huggers. Quite frankly, we think we should celebrate them every day. And at the very least, we should treat the women in our lives to something special on May 9th 2021 – Mother’s Day in Australia.

And for those last-minute shoppers, we’ve got 7 surprising eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas (so you can look after our Mumma Earth, too). 

  • Plants

Flowers are a beautiful way to say I love you, but they have a shelf life. Shake things up this year and gift 

Mum with saplings for the garden or a house plant. The best part? They’re planet-friendly and will last a long time (and knowing our mums, they will take damn good care of it, too). 

  • Tea

A cup of nourishing tea speaks volumes – encouraging a moment of stillness and relaxation for our busy Mums. Choose an organic, earth-friendly tea range for Mum this year. For something a little different, we recommend Ayusa Tea, an energising and health-giving tea that’s made from the Guayusa leaf in Ecuador.  

  • Experiences

Does your Mum have enough stuff? Perhaps all she really wants on Mother’s day is some time out. If this sounds like your Mum, why not gift her an experience? Think: cooking classes, a spa day, a high tea or if she’s the adventurous kind – a hot air balloon ride. 

  • Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Nothing says I love you like a little bit of self-care. Shampoo and conditioner bars are a great way to treat your eco-conscious Mum (and leave her hair feeling soft, healthy and silky smooth). At Hemp Collective, we love our Hemp Shampoo Bar with Lavender and Rose Geranium.  It smells absolutely delightful. 

  • Digital Magazine Subscription

Nothing says relaxation like kicking back on the couch, flicking through mags. And better yet, there are so many digital subscriptions nowadays so we can honour our Mother Earth, too.  We love Wellbeing Magazine, as it comes with practical articles on health, wellbeing, sustainability, wholefood cooking and more.   

  • Earth-Friendly Skincare

If you’ve got the kinda Mum who loves unwinding with a face mask – why not gift her with some sustainable skincare? It’ll encourage some of that much-needed time for herself. Choose a range that’s Certified organic, with bioactive cellular extracts derived from our native Australian flora to get yourself extra brownie points. We love Mukti organics. 

  • A Big Breakfast

Some Mums don’t care for gifts. As cliche as it is – all they really care about is spending time with you. And you’re never too old to cook Mum breaky in bed. Eggs, pancakes, muesli – whatever her favourite flavour is! But if cooking is not your thing, shout her breakfast out at her favourite cafe. 


A Word On Wrapping

An eco-friendly gift for Mum should be topped off with eco-friendly wrapping. And there are so many creative ways to hide your surprise from Mum. Try using old newspapers, magazines, fabric or repurpose old gift bags. Remember, it’s what’s inside the wrapping that counts. And most importantly, the time that you spend making her feel like the most fabulous woman in the world (let’s face it, she probably is). 

Looking for sustainable gifts for Mum at Hemp Collective? If you loved the sound of our eco-friendly and luxurious hemp bars, shop our range. From our floral Lavender and Rose Geranium, to our zesty Lemongrass and Grapefruit – we’ve got something for every earth-loving Mum. 


Gorgeous, nasties free and effective products. Couldn’t recommend them more. I have fine, dry hair and both the conditioner and shampoo are perfect for my hair and easy to use.

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