Cannabis For Senior Pets: Can It Improve Their Quality Of Life?


If it were up to us, we’d keep our senior pets young and spritely forever. But growing old is a natural part of life, and your pet may have already started to show some signs of ageing. But did you know that Cannabis could improve their comfort and mobility? Well, don’t just take our word for it – because today we’re going to take a look at some exciting new research.

 The secret’s out. Tongues are wagging. Research has now confirmed what we’ve long believed to be true: Cannabis is good for our pets.

But before you start dressing your dog in tie-dye and zenning out your cat – let’s get perfectly clear on what this all means. It’s the CBD component of the Cannabis plant that can work wonders for our senior pets wellbeing – not THC (that’s the psychoactive component that makes you feel silly).

Big difference folks.

So, now that the cats out of the bag – let’s look at a recent study on pets with osteoarthritis.

CBD For Pets With Osteoarthritis


As pet owners, we often feel helpless when we watch our loved ones mobility decline.  But as it turns out, we could offer a helping hand through regular CBD treatment.

A recent study published in 2020 looked at daily Cannabidiol (CBD) treatment in dogs with osteoarthritis. The randomised, placebo controlled study took place over 4 weeks, and tested the levels of anti-inflammatory activity.

 Remarkably, the study found that giving 20mg a day of CBD led to decreased pain and increased mobility in dogs with arthritis. What’s more, they saw no harmful side effects in any of the dogs.

Yep – it’s a massive win for science, Cannabis and pet owners around the world!

 But perhaps you’re wondering – how exactly does CBD work to relieve symptoms of arthritis? Put simply, it’s through the interaction with the Endocannabinoid System (which is inside all of us, too). If you’re keen to learn more – we wrote a whole article on it here.

But if you’re here because your dog isn’t chasing the ball with as much vigour, or your cat isn’t bouncing around as they once did – then read on.

What Are Some Other Benefits Of CBD For Senior Pets?


CBD Can Calm Them Down

As our pets age, you may start to notice some behavioural changes. Sometimes, situations that never used to stress them out can start to induce anxiety and nervousness. But the good news is that studies show a regular CBD treatment could help your furry friend who’s having a ruff time.

Put simply, the endocannabinoid system plays a key role in moderating our pet’s physiological functions. And by giving your pet CBD, this can interact with their system, and ultimately, impact how their brain works! Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

 CBD Can Improve Joint Health & Mobility

 You don’t have to wait until your furry friend gets arthritis to begin CBD treatment. If they’re showing early signs of slowing down, normal daily activity can put a strain on their joints and muscles (especially if they’re trying to keep up with the young ones at the dog park!)

Thankfully, CBD can work to improve joint health and mobility – no matter what stage of their journey they’re at. And don’t we want them to remain lively for as long as possible?

CBD For End Of Life Support

 While it pains us to think about it, our pets can experience mental and physical discomfort as they near the end of their journey. However, research shows that using CBD oil can help to reduce anxiety, inflammation, pain and stress. What’s more, it can even improve their sleep.

Now, we’re not saying that CBD is a magic cure-all for ageing pets. Rather, it can help reduce their pain and discomfort before they make their way to animal-heaven (we bet there’s lots of treats up there).

Oh, And Watch Out For Fake Pet CBD Products!

So now you know that CBD oil can work wonders for your dog, cat or other pets – it’s important that you consider where you buy it. While there’s plenty of reputable hemp and CBD companies out there – unfortunately, there’s a small percentage that are out to make a quick buck.

So first things first, check the ingredients list. This should include wording that describes the cannabinoid content. The wording may include Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, CBD extract, Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil, CBD isolate or just CBD. 

 Yep – there’s a difference.

Hemp Seed Oil is made from only the seeds of the plant, and contains no CBD. On the other hand, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil contains all the compounds in the Cannabis plant (including CBD).

You see, it’s these shady companies that give CBD products a bad rap – so it’s best to do your research and support the good guys.

Cannabis For Pets – Support At The End Of Their Journey


Here at hemp collective, we’re all about giving you the full story. But to tell you the truth, CBD studies to this date have had very little side effects for our pets. Although it’s important you follow the dosage recommendations and seek advice from your vet before beginning any treatment.

 And we get it – using CBD products on your senior pet may seem a little absurd at first. But the sooner we remove our negative connotations of the green plant, we can finally begin to realise its remarkable benefits.  And hey, it could keep your pets tail wagging that little bit longer.

Professional, knowledgeable, passionate and eco-friendly products. What more could a person want?

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