Eco-Friendly Christmas Ideas – Tips For A Sustainable Silly Season 

We’ll admit it – we love Christmas time. The celebrations, laughs and corny Christmas carols… It really is the most wonderful time of the year. But unfortunately, the elaborate meals, unwanted presents and flimsy decorations all come at a cost to our planet. Thankfully, there are some simple ways you can be a little less silly this season (and still have a good ol’ festive time). Read on for our best eco-friendly Christmas ideas…

 Our Best Eco-Friendly Christmas Ideas

 Did you know that in Australia, an estimated $400 million is spent on unwanted Christmas gifts? The pressure to give gifts (regardless of whether it will be used or not) is real. And then there’s wrapping, decorations and food… it’s seriously wasteful stuff.

And we understand that switching to eco-friendly options can be a little overwhelming… So we’ve created 7 simple ways you can make a positive impact this year… 

1. Say NO To Plastic Christmas Trees

Eco-Friendly-ChristmasSure, they’re convenient, but plastic Christmas trees eventually wind up in the landfill. And if you’re thinking that reusing a plastic tree each year is better than chopping one down… Sadly it’s not. It’s best to use a real tree. Or if you want to go one step further, you can use a potted plant and reuse it every year (and watch it grow).

2 Reduce Food Waste

 We all love indulging in some delicious food at Christmas, but it doesn’t mean we should be wasteful. Think carefully about how many people you’re feeding, and only buy what you need. If there are leftovers, divide them amongst your guests so it doesn’t go to waste!

3 Avoid Disposable Dinnerware

This one should be a no-brainer. Those plastic plates, cutlery and cups all end up in landfill (and if every household in Australia were to opt for disposables… That’s a whole lot of unnecessary plastic). Take the extra time to do the dishes (or bribe the kids with pocket money ? )

4 Use Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations

The plastic parade doesn’t stop at plates and cutlery. Our decorations are also drenched in the stuff. Opt for glass and wood decorations that can be used year after year. And why not have a crafternoon and make your own Christmas wreath? You can do this with recycled wire, twigs and leaves (we suggest Eucalyptus for an Australian feel).

5 Use Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping (Get Creative!)

Eco-Friendly-Gift-WrappingThere are so many sustainable ways you can wrap your Christmas gifts (which don’t involve buying a million rolls of glossy and non-recyclable wrapping!) Why not use old newspapers, magazines or reuse gift bags? You can also use fabric (think towels, sheets and old clothes). With a little bit of love, you can repurpose this material and use it time and time again.

6 Choose Your Cards Wisely

Let’s face it – Christmas cards are often thrown away by January. Instead of bulk buying cards from the store, why not get a little artsy and make your own? If you don’t have the time for that (we hear you), you can find some beautiful cards that are biodegradable and recyclable. Or last but not least, you can embrace the digital age and send out an e-card.

7 Buy Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

This one’s a biggy. Gift giving is a beautiful thing, but it’s so important we’re conscious about the gifts we purchase. You know… Not just buying someone something for the sake of it. Opt for gifts that are useful and practical (and if you don’t know what the person wants – ask someone who does).  Try to choose plastic-free gifts that they will still love in years to come!

Still, Stuck On What To Buy For Someone Special?

Eco-Friendly-Christmas-IdeasWe hope this has given you some new and creative ideas on how to have a sustainable (not silly) Christmas. If you’re still stumped on what to get your loved one – why not check out the Hemp Collective range? We’ve got organic, ethical and sustainable hemp products for everyone (fur babies included).

Why not give your loved ones a little bit of self-care with our nourishing and luxurious body care range?

Or if you want to avoid plastic chew toys for your fur babies, you can give them a decadent bubble bath instead with our Natural Pet Shampoo bar. 

 And hey, while you’re here, let’s all remember what we all love most about Christmas: Spending time with the ones we love.

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